Tareasplus Now on the iPad

Tareasplus Now on the iPad

Dec. 12, 2012
Tareasplus, a San Francisco-based startup that has delivered more than 6 million video lessons to students throughout Latin America, today launches their education tutorials on the iPad, extending the reach of their educational platform to the 53M iPad users around the world.

Tareasplus continues to take a leadership role in empowering students to learn anything from anywhere. They developed the iPad version in response to the rising demand for Spanish video tutorials in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina, all which have had 200 to 300% month-over-month traffic growth.

Tareasplus has already successfully launched both an iPhone and Android app, which currently ranks as one of the top 20 downloaded educational apps in Latin America. The search function is also enhanced, with a more complete video description included with each video to aid students in finding just the right tutorial to support their education.

"Our goal has always been to give more and more students the ability to learn math and science on their own time and to essentially 'unrestrict' the learning process. That's why we're thrilled to enter the iPad market so learners around the globe can master complex subjects at their own pace," said founder and CEO, Hernan Jaramillo.

With the launch of their iPad app, Tareasplus continues to answer the universal demand for math and science instruction, delivering K-12 and early college students complete lessons in general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, calculus, differential equations, statistics and more. Tareasplus' library of more than 1600 free videos engage students with concise and comprehensive lessons, which answer the most sought-after questions in calculus (a subject covered across 300 videos), as well as topics such as Multiplying Fractions, Scientific Notation and Parabolic Motion.  This entire video library is now available on the iPad.

"Our student users asked for it and we listened. We're thrilled to give students around the world a tool to better visualize complex problems and take learning with them wherever they go," said Jaramillo.

About Tareasplus
Tareasplus helps students at all age ranges learn math with quick and compelling video explanations in Spanish. The company is founded by math expert Roberto Cuartas and serial entrepreneur Hernan Jaramillo. Tareasplus is based in San Francisco and has offices in , Columbia. For more information, visit

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