TareasPlus raises $1.8 million seed funding

Press Release • TareasPlus raises $1.8 million seed funding

November 12, 2012 • TareasPlus, a Spanish language mathematics teaching business, raised $1.8 million in seed funding. Academic Partnerships of Dallas, an online university degree program, gave the money.

Started by engineers Hernan Jaramillo and Roberto Cuartas, TareasPlus helps students in Latin America learn math via video lessons. The San Francisco company also has an office in Medellin.

Rather than rely on the vagaries of online translating tools, the company uses Spanish speaking video instructors.

TareasPlus has a library of some 1,100 free videos.

Jaramillo, who was born in Medellin, is CEO, or "right brain," as the company puts it, while Cuartas is editor in chief, or the "left brain."

Randy Best, who started Academic Partnerships, is its chairman.

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